Next Generation Interactive Room Planner

Prospects answer key planning and downsizing questions which helps them picture living in the space. The industry- leading interactive room planner is used on property sites and further engages, retains and converts prospects.

Our next gen stand alone room planner works on all mobile devices. It is built on an open web platform optimized for an evolving mobile world. It's intuitive design features multi-touch gesture control.

The industry-leading room planning tool:

  • quickly grabs prospects with immersive pre-staging.
  • can feature 2D & 3D plans in interchangeable views.
  • is designed for the short attention span prospect.
  • is simple & easy to use, no how-to instructions needed.
  • has many more innovative features.

Clients receive new furniture and tool updates at no extra charge. They also receive direct tracking and reporting user metrics. Go to for our demo, pricing, client list and brochure PDF.

go to for our demo, pricing, client list & brochure
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