Frequently Asked Questions

Floor Plan Design Services

What is the typical vector floor plan redesign process?
Getting your floor plans redesigned is easy. Here are the typical steps:

  1. Choose your floor plan option(s) and add-ons:
    • 2D, 3D, or 2D & 3D.
    • Color backgrounds, staged 3D furniture & furnishings.
  2. Locate your most up-to-date floor plans.
  3. Mark-up the floor plans in a clear manner if you need changes made.
  4. Email us these floor plans.
  5. We follow-up with questions and confirm pricing.
  6. We send you one redesigned floor plan for initial approval. Please note we upgrade all utility objects in the kitchen and bathrooms with visually enhanced high-resolution versions.
  7. We provide you with all your property's floor plans in a PDF format, which are high-resolution editable vector files. We can also provide you .JPG, .AI, .EPS or other file formats per all your online/offline needs.
  8. The first set of minor revisions will be done at no extra charge. A small charge will apply if any new elements are requested.
  9. Final delivery of your redesigned floor plans are made through email or a secure file sharing service.
  10. We invoice you for the redesign project and provide a W9 form.
Who owns the vector redesigned floor plan files?
Our client's fully own their redesigned floor plan files. We keep a backup copy if you ever misplace or would like us to edit the files further.

What additional floor plan related services do you provide?
3D rendered floor plans and 360 spin videos.
1 page online/offline PDF floor plan brochures.
Interactive room planner tool.
Level floor plates and evacuation plans.
Site plans, area maps and self storage plans.

Learn more about the related services we offer.

Interactive Room Planner Tool

Can we use our current floor plans in the room planner or do you need to redesign ours?
Yes, you can use your current floor plans but we will need them to be unfurnished.

What is the process of getting the room planner tool?
Once we receive your floor plans or have redesigned them, we produce a single sample for content approval. When all the room planners are created, we then give you a simple spreadsheet with links/code to give to your web team. Then your team presents the tool on your website's floor plan page(s).

In what different ways can the room planner be presented on our website? The room planner tool can be presented in an iFrame, Shadowbox, Fancybox or a simple new page/window. Contact us and we would be happy to show you several different examples of client presentations.

Why do you host the room planner tool?
You have a significantly lower upfront cost and don't have to worry about whether your site or hosting is compatible. Without additional cost you also receive seamlessly updated furniture and functionality as well as detailed analytic usage reports.

Is the furniture to scale on the floor plan?
We make our best efforts to size the furniture as close to scale as we can on each individual floor plan. Prospects can change the size of furniture and furnishings. We include a scaling disclaimer below each floor plan.

Can we add different furniture or furnishing pieces to the room planner tool?
Yes, but creating new interactive furniture or furnishing pieces is an expensive and time consuming process. Each new custom piece needs to be created and 3D modeled at many different rotational angles.

What if I need to discontinue using the room planner tool?
The first six months and the set-up fee are both non-refundable. If you decide to discontinue we will prorate your usage and refund you the remaining amount of your paid term after the first six months.

What if we have to change a floor plan or support info?
If you have updated square footage, plan names or contact information just inform us and we will update the information for free. If you would like to change your plan images, there will be a $15 charge per plan.